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dc.contributor.advisorHartenstein, Jaimee Dr.
dc.contributor.advisorTye, Natalie Dr.
dc.contributor.advisorHuff, Scott Dr.
dc.contributor.advisorNuernberger, Jean
dc.contributor.advisorJurkowski, Odin Dr.
dc.contributor.authorSewester, Gabrielle L.
dc.description.abstractThis qualitative research project examined how schools assisted children in the foster care system with educational issues. Six semi-structured interviews were completed with school social workers who work with foster care students. Several common themes emerged after data analysis, including behavioral differences, intellectual differences, special education differences, notification of a foster child needing assistance and transferring a foster child to a new school, and social workers providing assistance with a foster child’s educational pursuit and resources available to foster children with educational differences. The local school district social workers were able to identify ways they assist children in the foster care system with the different educational pursuits.en_US

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